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Rainy Season 2010: Places You Must Visit Top 5 – No.2

This article was written by me for BiOS Blog on May 26, 2010.

Today we will introduce the no.2 in the Top 5 list of places to visit during the rainy season in Japan.

Urami No Taki (Urami Waterfalls)

Urami waterfall is one of the three great waterfalls in Nikko and it is located in the upstream of Arasawa stream, which is the branch of Daiya River. Because it is located in the valley, it is very quiet and cool even in summer. It has 20m (66 ft.) high, and 2m (6 ft.) width. There are several unnamed waterfalls around the fall, and on the way to the fall.

Not many people visit this fall during the monsoons in Japan. So, you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing moment here. Until 1902, visitors were allowed to access the areas behind the fall, but there was a minor rock fall in that year and the access was closed.

Japanese famous poet, Matsuo Basho visited this fall and made a poem. You may come up with your very own poem while there.

How to get there:
Nikko is located about 125 kilometers north of Tokyo and makes a good one or two day trip from Tokyo.

• From Asakusa Station
The Tobu terminal station in Tokyo for trains to Nikko is Tobu Asakusa Station, which can be accessed by subway (Ginza and Asakusa Subway Lines).

There are hourly rapid trains between Asakusa and Nikko, which take about two hours and cost 1320 yen one way. In the morning and afternoon, there are also a few limited express trains (all seats reserved), called “Kegon”, which only take 105 minutes, but are twice as expensive as the rapid trains.

• From Shinjuku Station
Direct limited express trains, cooperated by Japan Railways (JR) and Tobu Railways, connect JR Shinjuku Station with Tobu Nikko Station. The one way journey takes two hours and costs ¥3,900. All seats are reserved.

• From Tokyo or Ueno Statioon:
Take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen to Utsunomiya Station and transfer to the JR Nikko Line. With a good connection at Utsunomiya, the one way trip takes about 100 minutes. Due to its high cost (about ¥5000 one way), this option is probably only attractive to holders of the Japan Rail Pass.

For more information about Nikko visit:

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Alex Kawano.
Official HE Blog Author

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